Welcome to the official launch of Seacoast Bites!

Seacoast Bites was born from the ashes of ideas where my interest burned away but the ember that always remained lit was my love for the Seacoast and the local ingredients, local restaurants, local purveyors we find here. Creating my own venue for showcasing these wonderful and delicious things was my own discovery of “the one,” I finally have found how I want to be involved in the food world.

I grew up on the Seacoast and moved around from city to city working in different restaurants, kitchens, and food start ups.  I have met vendors and food crafters from Wellington New Zealand to Brooklyn, and back to the Seacoast of New Hampshire. I have worked almost every kitchen and front of house position from dishwasher to manager. I have even tried to open my own restaurant. What each job, idea, plate, and customer has taught me is that, to me, the Seacoast is a food paradise, and I feel compelled to share the full ever-changing plate.

I hope you enjoy Seacoast Bites. We will feature reviews, MegaBites (our name for lists of the best of the best), Seacoast food events & news, noteworthy Seacoast food growers and artisans, and recipes for that strange New England squash you have no idea what to do with.

Please be in touch and welcome to the Seacoast Food-munity (community),lets take a Bite of the Seacoast.

With a full heart and belly,



  1. Dear Lu I love your blog and I love you for blogging so well. I’ll be watching every day! One thing, though—you make me hungry!

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