Spring Bites!

I’ve been trying to avoid the “newsletter” post, but  it has been a minute since I last posted a review, recipe, or newsflash and I thought I would update everyone on what I’ve been biting into!

I’ve been feasting, traveling, visiting family, and I even got engaged! The highlights in the past few weeks have included a trip to Brooklyn to visit some of my old favorite food dives and attend a wedding, a newly discovered love of fish sandwiches (my own recipe coming soon!), my own pastrami, and an addition to my bucket list for restaurants I can’t wait to try.

Mother’s Day is this weekend, I will be visiting Tuscan Kitchen for their Mother’s Day brunch. Tuscan Kitchen is owned by Tuscan Brands with other locations in Salem, NH and Burlington, MA. Tuscan Brands owns part of a vineyard in Italy and imports the majority of their products from Italy at both their restaurants and specialty markets. Tuscan Kitchen is also well known for their homemade pasta, bakery, and extensive butchery.

I’ve heard that a ton of local seacoast restaurants are doing special events on Mother’s Day. Click Here for a list of restaurants participating in Mother’s Day events.

*P.S. Remember to tip your servers well on Mother’s Day, not only are they missing out on family time to serve you during yours, but this can be one of their most lucrative shifts of the year! A lot of servers out there bank, (no pun intended), on Mother’s Day for bonus tips!

Quickly talking food trends, after my trip to Brooklyn I can conclude that we are pretty much on par with the food scene in Brooklyn. Trends include Ramen, (check out Anju in Kittery), burgers (Hop N’ Grind is opening soon in Durham courtesy of my heros at Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond), Poké bowls are coming in hot, (or cold in this case), and of course grain bowls and pressed juices are all the rage. Brooklyn is heating up for the summer and oysters and shellfish are the hottest way to cool down, obviously we have plenty of those salty bites on the Seacoast.

Places I am dying to try around here; Clipper Tavern, Hop N Grind, Tuscan Kitchen, Wing Itz’ new spot in Dover, and Black Birch’s new restaurant Chapel and Main opening up soon in Dover! I’m sad about the closing of The Coat of Arms, (will anything be left from the Portsmouth we love?) and I am sad about the tragic end to State Street Saloon (RIP).

Openings:  Ember (Dover) and Clipper Tavern (Portsmouth), Betty’s Burritos (York), and 207 Tavern (Eliot)

Coming Soon: Hop N’ Grind (Durham), The Gyro Spot (Dover), Chapel and Main (Dover).

Recipes to look for: Fish Sandwich, Grapes and Goat Cheese (Stolen from my Mother In-Law to be), and DIY pastrami.

Reviews in the Works: Tuscan Kitchen, The Gyro Spot, and Betty’s Burritos

Stay tuned, and as always, drop me a line at seacoastbites@gmail.com I’d love to talk Seacoast food, what you’re biting into, and what you’d like to see from me!