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On Thursday, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with four generations of my family, under one roof, cooking a feast. This year, unexpectedly, the stars aligned, schedules matched, and we have the rare chance to cook together. In my humble opinion, the Seacoast is the place to be for Thanksgiving. Here are five things Seacoast Bites is thankful for this year.

1. Local Chefs featuring and honoring local produce.
From Heirloom Tomatoes to Maine Blueberries chefs across the Seacoast strive to show these local gems in as many dishes as possible. Think; Black Trumpet Bistro, Blue Moon Evolution, Roberts Maine Grill, and Thistle Pig.

2. Brookford Farms’ Jalapeño Raw Milk Cheddar.
DAMN, this is good. This cheese is a buttery raw-milk cheddar with the almost onion-like texture of fresh jalapeños. Mildly hot, slightly earthy, and chewy. Brookford has an amazing portfolio of cheeses all worth a try.

3. The Winters’ Farmers Market.
The seasonal market kicked off this past weekend and it was bumping! I love the market for all of the variety, but most of all, I love that the Market forms a community and is a gathering spot for running into friends, meeting new people, and enjoying Seacoast Bites.

4. Smuttynose Big Beer Series “Beer de Shire;”
This beer is tough to find and was once offered at Trader Joes’. It is a yeasty ale with sour notes. This beer is food beer; try it with pork chops, a funky cheese, brussels sprouts, or with a hot dog.

5. Market Basket.
Only Market Basket can have a pic of the Somersworth store on their reusable bags. Only Market Basket has Thai Basil and Lychees beside their Sub Shop. Only Market Basket has three varieties of chicharrones. Market Basket even has a documentary about it.

What are you Thankful for on the Seacoast Food Scene?

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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